The Motorola Minitor VI pager is the newest release in the Minitor product line. With up to 5 frequencies, enhanced stored voice standard on all models, and an 8 position selector switch, the Minitor VI blows the competition away!

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More than 3,500 emergency service providers trust UCC with their Minitor repair, making UCC the #1 Motorola Minitor repair facility in the USA! UCC provides “flat rate” repair services on all models of Motorola Minitor including the II, III, IV and V! We also buy your retired or out of service pagers!

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Superior OEM batteries built specifically for Motorola radios. With a complete portfolio of Motorola Original and IMPRES radio batteries that have been designed and developed as an integral component of Motorola radios, you can be confident our two-way radio batteries perform when you need them most.

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Our wide-ranging product portfolio has the tools yours customers need to get the job done in any situation. Later this year you will be able to browse our customer portal to find individual parts or the right accessory to complement your customers' quality Motorola products.

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